CarpHunter - Features

Dimensions (LxWxH) 63.5 × 43.5 × 24 cm.
Range 400 m max (depending on the weather conditions)
Bait capacity (max weight of the bait in the hoppers) 2 kg.
Speed 50 m/min under normal conditions
Hoppers for bait and tackles Can carry 2 tackles; has 2 independent hoppers which may be open by a signal from the Remote Control
Remote Control Screen: 3,5’’, LCD, black&white. To control the boat, GPS-navigation and depth-indicator. Frequency: 4,33 Mhz
Batteries Lithium batteries included. With fully charged batteries the boat may operate 3,5-4 hours (depending on how it is used).
Guarantee 12 months

Price: 1100 EUR


CarpHunter baitboat’s compact dimensions make it easy to transport it for a long distance, despite rather high capacity hoppers, which may deliver about 2 kg of useful cargo to the destination point.


Since CaprHunter baitboat movements‘ control is made with the help of the radio-signal, the distance of stable control depends on the radio signal power and on the weather conditions at the location where the fishing takes place.

The Remote Control provides with stable control of CarpHunter baitboat for as far as 400 m. However, if there are any natural obstacles (such as water flora – reeds, sedges) on the way of the radio signal, the distance may be less. The radio signal may also be weaker while raining or if there is mist or adjacent range of frequencies.

The level of CarpHunter baitboat’s response signal is displayed on the screen of the Remote Control with specific bars. If there is no signal detected, a signal «Х» will appear on the screen.

Moreover, since CarpHunter baitboat has an electronic compass inside, for its better positioning it is not advised to fish in the places with strong magnetic field.


CarpHunter baitboat is set to motion by 2 electric engines, which rotate propellers, located in its aft. With the help of the Remote Control it is possible to smoothly change the boat’s speed and direction. Controlled by a joystick, the bait boat can move forward, backward, and turn different directions. Besides the manual speed control, an automatic control of its changes is available.

The boat’s speed mostly depends on the weather conditions, as well as on the batteries charge level. Under favorable weather conditions and low wave disturbance, CarpHunter baitboat may reach the speed of 50 meters per minute.

Bait and tackle hoppers

Two independent hoppers, controlled by radio signal, make it possible to deliver around 2 kg of bait to the required place, and carry fishing tackle, at the same time. The hoppers release is made by the Remote Control. The radio signal you send activates electromagnets on the boat’s board, which open the lower valves of the hopper and release the bait into the water. The hoppers may be open simultaneously or by turn.

Same functioning principle is used for releasing fishing tackles from the boat to fish in the chosen location.

After the fishing tackles have been released, an indicator reporting about the command execution, will appear on the screen of the Remote Control. The fixed fishing tackles are displayed on the screen as two icons «Т», while the released ones – as icon «-». The hoppers’ locked valves are displayed on the screen as shaded tanks, the empty ones – as simple white boxes.

Remote Control

To control the movements of CarpHunter baitboat, a Remote Control is used; despite its insignificant size it has high usability. The biggest part of the Remote Control consists of LCD monochrome display, which shows the detailed technical information, as well as helps control the bottom’s shape and fish availability in the sector of the built-in boat sonar.

Useful information, listed below, is displayed on the screen:

  • water temperature;
  • pond depth;
  • variations of the bottom shape (except the visual display, the information is also submitted in the digital view);
  • distance between the fisherman and the bait boat;
  • how long the pride-ship is on the move;
  • device set mode (manual, automatic, control);
  • the level of the bait boat’s response signal;
  • the boat’s batteries charge level;
  • the Remote Control’s batteries charge level;
  • navigational satellite connection availability;
  • spatially-oriented direction of the bait boat;
  • Bait hoppers’ valves condition.

To operate in poor visibility conditions and at night the Remote Control is equipped with rather bright backlight, which, however, reduces the time of the batteries usage.
In the right part of the Remote Control a joystick is located, to control the speed and direction of the boat, as well as buttons for controlling the hoppers’ and fishing tackle’s release.
On the left from the screen, the menu navigation buttons, mode selection button, the RC backlight button and on/off button for the boat’s marker light, are located.


CarpHunter baitboat operates from two high-capacity lithium batteries; depending on the mode, they may provide around two and a half hours of trouble free continuous operation. The Remote Control is powered from a separate battery.

Alongside with CarpHunter baitboat, the package includes two charging units – for the boat’s batteries and for the Remote Control’s batteries.

The battery level is displayed as symbolic batteries, on the Remote Control’s screen. The higher the battery level is, the more colored segments in the batteries’ icon are.

As any other high-tech device, CarpHunter baitboat requires careful treatment and smart operation. This is why we highly recommend learning carefully technical description and user manual on our web-site, before using it. Careful following all recommendations will not only let you use CarpHunter for a long time, it will also make you happy with a great catch.